Tips for Building Your Own Wine Collection

With tons of vineyards around and some of the world’s top wineries around, it’s not surprising that you would want to start your wine collection in Marin. If you want to begin your collection in Marin, Napa, or Sonoma we will be able to help you get started.

Want to begin your wine collection?

You won’t need loads of money to start but it’s important that you keep your wine in the best wine storage lockers Marin can offer or in a wine cellar.

How to Build Your Own Wine Collection


You can conduct different levels of research, simple or advanced. With all of the neighboring wineries in Marin, you will be able to do your research with minimal effort.

  • Simple research includes downloading the Vivino app and looking at customer ratings, prices, tasting notes, reviews, location info, varietal info, and more
  • Slightly deeper research includes looking at the history of the winery, the region, the winemaker’s profiler, and looking at similar producers in the same area
  • Advanced research includes winemaking philosophy, the care and strategies going into the winemaking, exportation, distribution, and branding

Develop your Palate

When you are beginning, I’d recommend downloading the Vivino app and using it to help you find what you like and don’t like. The app will let you know what other people are tasting as tannic, earthy, sweet, dry, smooth, fruity, and tons of other descriptors. If you’re new to wine just buy bottles of different varietals and see what you like. Most folks will lean towards light and medium-bodied wines when beginning to drink more but will graduate towards full-bodied reds.

Locate a Trusted Source

Marin and the Bay Area have no shortage of wineries, producers, shops, and tasting rooms. After doing a little testing using the Vivino app go and visit a few local wine shops and get to know a salesperson or the owner. They often can recommend a fantastic wine for your preferences.

Have Proper Storage

Once you start buying wines with the future in mind you will need to keep your wine collection properly stored.

It’s important to have a good storage solution. Once you start buying more expensive bottles you can’t rely on the metal wine rack in your kitchen. The constant heat from your oven, stove, etc. will not do your wine well. An off-site solution like Wine Storage Sausalito can give you the best wine storage lockers Marin has to offer. This away from home storage option prevents you from opening a bottle too early or opening a bottle when while a bit too inebriated.

Understand Cellar Periods

The drinking period for the wine will depend on the on the alcohol level and varietal.

It’s important to know the right time to drink, sell, or trade your wines. CellarTracker has built-in reminders for best by drink dates.

  • White wines typically don’t benefit much from drinking and should be drunk within 10 years
  • Some red wines will benefit tremendously from years or decades of aging with proper storage

Do a Periodic Reassessment

As your pallet changes your wine preferences will change. Re-evaluate every once in a while and ask yourself if you’re still a fan of each winery that you get allocations from. Don’t keep buying a certain varietal or region if you’re no longer interested in it.

Begin your collection using the tips above and add more as you gain more experience. Tasting and experiencing wine is the best way to learn what you like. To learn more about wine storage lockers in Marin, contact Wine Storage Sausalito.