Using our electronic security systems customers can access 24/7 or 7 am to 10 pm depending on the location. Customers have a private key to their locker.
We have a commercial-grade, fully redundant refrigeration systems that keep our cellars at 56 degrees. Humdidty is kept between 55-70%.
There are several different locker sizes depending on location: 12 cases, 16, 24, 32, 64, and larger walk-ins. Let us know how many cases you plan on storing currently and your future desires and we can help determine which size locker is ideal for you.
Other than personally bringing in your collection, we can receive deliveries for you. This process varies by locatiion. We can sign for your delivery and place it in our secure holding area until you transfer it to your locker. Talk to us about our relocation/pickup services.
Proper storage of wine is essential. If wines are stored improperly, they be can be ruined or lose value. Renting a wine storage locker has also proven to be a cost-efficient solution to building, maintaining, and paying for electricity costs of home wine storage solutions.
We are new, always conveniently located, and have some of the most competitive pricing in San Francisco, Marin, and Orange County. Our facilities were built in 2020 and 2021 with the latest technologies and materials. You can be the first person to ever use your wine locker!
Each facility is under 24-hour video surveillance. We are aware of everyone who comes in and out. Our wine cellars are always protected and monitored with a state-of-the-art security system.
Only you and people who you authorize.
While we guarantee your wine will be left in great hands at our facilities, we do recommend looking into insuring your wine collection. Often your wine collection can be covered by homeowner’s insurance. If not, you may want to investigate other forms of insurance that specialize in collectibles.
Current customers of competitors can receive a discount from their current rate. We will also transport your collection from the other facility.
Wine Storage Partners also manages Chateau 55 in San Diego.