Access to your wine storage locker varies by location. Sausalito has 24/7 access while Dublin, Santa Clara, and Mission Viejo have 7 am to 10 pm access, 7 days a week.

Competitive Rates

We have a wide array of locker sizes at different price points for each collector. If you currently store your wine at a competitor each out to learn more about price-matching and discounts as they vary by location.

We charge monthly or annually.

Wine Receiving

We want to make your wine club and online wine buying experience as seamless as possible. When you receive a shipment from a winery, wine club, or any other location we can accept the delivery and place it in one of our house lockers or your locker. We will notify you upon delivery.

Custom Wine Storage

We have several locker sizes beginning at 8 cases and up to walk-in rooms. Walking around our facilities you will see that many prefer to have wood or tube racks for their bottles which we can custom build for each locker and walk-in.

Wine Transportation

With facilties located in the Bay Area, Orange County, and San Diego we are uniquely position to offer competitve wine transportation throughout California and for those moving in and out of California. We take the hassle out of transporting your collection by offering:

  • Logistics for the whole process
  • Hand packing your bottles into boxes
  • Sturdy boxes for moving and long-term storage
  • Cargo insurance is included as a part of every transport
  • Unloading wherever your destination may be (home, cellar, store, commercial facility)
  • Data logging each bottle’s region, variety, year, or any other key information using CellarTracker
  • And most importantly, experienced wine moving, packing, and storing professionals taking care of your wine the whole time
  • Take Care of Your Wine Today

    Our goal is to save you time and effort in this process. If you have any questions or requests for services that are not listed, please contact us. We are your wine storage and transportation experts.