Reasons Why a Wine Storage Rental Is Necessary

Are you a big wine drinker? Are you planning to become a wine collector? If either of those is true you should know the importance of a wine storage rental.

Wine Storage Basics

This does not mean exposing your wine to direct sunlight on your countertop. Proper wine storage means keeping your wine in a storage facility. One that is perfectly designed for long-term preservation and aging.

The practice of storing wine is not something that was created in recent years. The ancient Greeks invented many of the concepts we utilize today. They did not have the high-end technology we have today, but they did find a great solution for wine storage: underground caves.

Underground caves provide great storage conditions for many reasons:

  • Wine requires storage in a cool and reasonably humid environment. This is the most important condition to meet. Wine should be stored between 55 and 58 degrees and 55-70% humidity. If you are not familiar with humidity levels know that this is above average.
  • Allow wine to breathe properly. Anyone involved in wine knows many wines will do better with age. While in storage, wines breathe through the cork at a natural level that leads to proper aging. If the storage conditions are not favorable then this can lead to bad results.

The Aging Process

Oxidation is the process that can properly age a wine. After a long time in storage, the right levels of oxygen will be exposed to a bottle of wine. This is most noticeable when you open a bottle of wine. At that time, the oxygen level will be the highest that bottle of wine has ever experienced. Many people will encourage you to decant wine or let it sit out to gain exposure to oxygen. This is why you swirl the wine around in the glass during a tasting. Young wines will do better with decanting or allowing them to breathe after opening. Whereas older wines may be ready to drink right away and can even get much worse with oxygen.

So how do you ensure that “breathing” is done at the right pace? Wine will breathe and age slower in lower temperatures. It will age faster in higher temperatures. While you could invest in a wine refrigerator for your home, you could also go for a wine storage rental.


  • Store wine in a facility with easily controlled temperature and environment. The air cooling unit and the humidity control are the two main factors for an easily controlled environment. This can be a lot to handle, making a wine storage rental the right choice so you can enjoy your wine collection without worrying about maintaining the proper storage environment on your own.

Picking the best place to store your wine is important to ensure your bottles do not get ruined due to fluctuating temperatures or humidity issues. I have heard too many stories of wine fridges breaking down or the humidity levels getting too high. If you want perfect wine and do not want to worry about controlling the storage environment, look into a high-quality wine storage facility like Wine Storage Sausalito for a convenient wine storage rental.