Marin Wine Storage Facility or Wine Cellar?

Having a wine cellar isn’t as luxurious as it sounds. If your wine collection is growing and you’re becoming a serious collector you’ve probably considered building a wine cellar or renting a wine locker from a Marin wine storage facility. Both have options have their pros and cons.

Building a Wine Cellar:


  • If building from scratch, you can customize it to your taste
  • Incredible access to your wine and the ability to grab a bottle whenever
  • Any friends or family at your house can take a look at your wine and your cellar and you can show off a bit


  • Your electricity bill will increase from running the refrigeration
  • Home refrigeration systems break down easily and can be very costly
  • The cost of building a wine cellar may run you $50-100k depending on size
  • If you’re trying to re-sell your wine, you’ll have trouble showing its provenance using a private wine cellar
  • Your wine cellar takes up a lot of valuable square footage. In Marin, with such high housing costs, every square foot matters
  • If you’re out of town while it breaks you won’t know until you’re back. That weeklong summer trip to Tahoe becomes costly in wine and repairs
  • Unless you have a generator, you’re susceptible to your refrigeration failing every time the power goes out. This is more common than ever in Marin

Renting from a Marin wine storage facility:


  • At Wine Storage Sausalito, you get 24/7 access
  • You can get a custom-built wine rack to fit your collection
  • Multiple security systems to ensure the wine is safe all the time
  • Advanced refrigeration systems suitable to keep large rooms at a steady 55 degrees
  • The wine you want to drink won’t be as tempting to drink if it isn’t at your fingertips
  • Your partner will no longer bug you about how much wine you have and where you’re going to put it
  • You can have your wine deliveries shipped directly to the facility. There’s no need to wait around your house for a delivery
  • Staff on-hand to monitor the wine storage conditions and take care of any temperature, humidity, or power supply issues
  • Your wine doesn’t take up space in your home whether it’s because you don’t need to add a cellar or because your closest is no longer overflowing


  • You will need to leave your house if you want to grab a bottle on a whim
  • You will have pay storage fees but for most folks, this is only a bit more than the cost of electricity for a wine cellar at home or a wine refrigerator


Storing your wine at a Marin wine storage facility is a great call due to the issues with maintaining refrigeration systems, power outages, and suitable solutions for access. To best understand the cost-benefits of a wine storage facility think about it as a crowdsourced effort to provide a temperature and humidity-controlled environment in a secure location. Hundreds of wine collectors coming together to share and minimizes the costs of wine storage.

If you’re ready to make the switch to Marin’s newest wine storage facility, the only facility exclusive to wine in Marin, call Wine Storage Sausalito at 415-534-1484 or use the contact form on our main website. With our 24/7 access, we are able to provide wine storage solutions for collectors all over Marin County, San Francisco, Sausalito, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Strawberry, Tiburon, Belvedere, Larkspur, San Rafael, Greenbrae, Novato, Fairfax, San Anselmo, and other areas of the Bay Area.

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